Boston Guitar and Voice Lessons

Lauren is a voice and guitar teacher in the Boston area. She offers voice, piano, violin and guitar lessons out of her music school located in Medford.

Lauren can help you become the musician you want to be.

Lauren emphasizes playing enjoyable music right away instead of wasting time on tedious site reading or technical mumbo jumbo. You will learn the techniques and skills needed to play a variety of music from artists you know and love.

Lauren teaches students from all over the Boston area including Medford, Malden, Melrose, Saugus, Danvers, Revere, Wilmington, Gloucester, Somerville, Cambridge, Allston, Brighton, Lexington, Bridgewater, NH and more.

Not Local to the Boston area? No Problem!

You can now work with Lauren from anywhere in the world through her Beginner Guitar Course Program. 

There are a number of online guitar instruction programs out there on the market today but Lauren knows the secret ingredient that is missing from ALL of these other online guitar courses. Access to a professional teacher.

The Typical Approach:

  • You purchase a course and are literally left to fend for yourself
  • The instruction might be good but there is no one to ask questions to
  • You have absolutely zero access outside of the course content to the actual creator
  • You get frustrated and give up

Lauren's Approach:

  • You purchase a yearly or monthly subscription to her guitar course
  • You and a limited number of students get direct access to Lauren via an exclusive online guitar learning group
  • When you have a question, you can ask Lauren and she will answer via message and or video
  • Lauren can hand create additional content and learning materials based on your problems and needs

So not only will you learn about chords, switching between them faster, cool strumming patterns, picking and finger picking, you will get direct access to exclusive content, tips and trick posted by Lauren in her private group.

You will also get access to exclusive content not available for free on Lauren's website or her Youtube page.

If you are interested in learning guitar and do not have access to a good local teacher, then let Lauren help you become a better guitar player today. Click the button below to learn more about Lauren's online beginner guitar course.