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Lauren's Guitar Courses:

Complete Beginner Guitar Course

Learn how to play the guitar in the exact way that Lauren teaches her students with her step-by-step leveling system. Course includes:

  • Complete Beginner Guitar Strumming 101 Course
  • Complete Beginner Guitar Chords 101 Course 
  • Complete Beginner Guitar Picking 101 Course 
  • 52 page workbook with explanations of exactly how to work through the course step-by-step 
  • All open chords you will need to know for playing Lauren's beginner guitar songs
  • Basic finger picking instruction
  • Fun strumming patterns to play over songs
  • Play along videos to increase chord change speed
  • Direct interaction with Lauren

Below are some products that Lauren personally uses and recommends to her students. Lauren does receive a small commission off of some of these products, but she will never promote a product she has not personally used and found useful.

Lauren's Favorite Guitar Accessories:


I love guitar pro. I find it very helpful for downloading and learning songs. It has a slow down feature and you can even create your own songs. I have used Guitar Pro for many years now and I highly recommend it to any student that's taking music learning seriously. Get a free trial today!

Guitar Pro: chord diagrams, digital tuner, guitar fretboard