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Welcome to Rockstar Business Coaching where you get paid to be the star of the teaching business and life you have always wanted.

how to build a music teaching busnessWhen I first started my private guitar and voice teaching business back in 2010, I had no business or teaching experience. Like you, I had a million questions I didn't know the answers for. Fortunately, I understood the value of investing in a good mentor that could help me along the way. Someone I could confide in and reach out to for support and motivation when needed.

Roughly 80% of new businesses fail within their first year.

I want your private lesson business to be a smashing success and something you can be proud of.

I built my business from a little spare bedroom making $400/month to a multi-location business making multiple 6-figures a year. I went through a lot of trial and error and want to share with you the strategies I used to create a successful teaching business.

I want you to have access to someone that understands the struggles you are going through and knows from experience what it takes to build a business from absolutely nothing into a 6-figure and multiple 6-figure business. 

Here's what you get when you gain access to my 10-week Rockstar Business Coaching system:

  • Training to find the true purpose behind your passion so you can stay committed to your success
  • Learn the best ways to monetize your teaching business and which platforms to use to promote your business locally or to the world
  • How to increase student retention by creating strong and lasting relationships with customers, the life blood of your business
  • How to find your voice and brand your business so that you can stick out from the competition
  • How to build credibility even if you don't have a single student yet
  • Growing your business on a shoe-string budget
  • How to setup your business for automation from the get go so it can run without you in the future
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with other like minded individuals looking to support you in your journey
  • Access to live weekly Q&A's and weekly business content with Lauren where she can help answer your questions immediately

how to start a music school

Next Session Starts June 3, 2018

Yes! I want access to learn how to get more leads, increase my income and learn how be respected and paid as a professional music teacher. 


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