Welcome to Lauren's Business Boot Camp where you get to mold your passion into a successful & fulfilling business.

When I first started my private guitar and voice teaching business back in 2010, I had no business or teaching experience. But, I knew I had a passion for music and wanted to feel a real sense of purpose in life.

After a few years in business, I quickly learned that I didn't build my business on the right foundation. When my business grew, I felt like my business was controlling me more than I was controlling it which wasn't why I started the business. By taking the steps I will show you in this course, I was able to find more balance in my business and wake up every morning feeling excited to get to 'work'. I had a clearer understanding of what my business represented and the type of clients I wanted to attract and market to.

I want you to be excited about sharing your passion and business with others too.

I can't say enough about Lauren, her business coaching and her incredibly well-done business modules.

When I started working with Lauren I had absolutely no website and no idea how to go about building my business in a constructive way. With Lauren’s help, I was able to build a professional website that was generating real customers for my photography business. I am so happy that I went through Lauren’s course. It has completely paid for itself and I have already booked 5 wedding clients within a month. The modules were outstanding and jam packed with valuable information. I would highly recommend working with Lauren.

Lisa G. – Wedding Photographer


I built my business from a little spare bedroom making $400/month to a multi-location business making over $50,000/month. I went through a lot of trial and error and want to share with you the strategies I used to create a successful business focused around my passion - music.

Here's what you get when you gain access to my Business Bootcamp:

  • 5 Content modules discussing the most important aspects of building & growing a business:
    • 1. How to build a solid foundation for success in business
    • 2. Creating a fully functional website that attracts clients and maximizes leads
    • 3. How to creating real relationships with customers that want to spend money with you
    • 4. Marketing strategies to attract more clients to your sales funnel
    • 5. How to genuinely sell and connect without being a cheesy car salesman
  • BONUS: Follow-up mastery - How to nurture your leads to maximize sales
  • BONUS: Lauren's follow-up phone script

Yes! I want to learn how build a successful and fulfilling business that focuses on my passion.